‪Arapiles Sept. 2011‪‬

Once again the climbing was great at Arapiles. A fantastic time with a great bunch of people. Arapiles left the first timers drooling and wanting more asap. They were already organising what they were going to do on the next trip.‬ ‪Well done to club el presidento Marty, for the huge bag of onsight 3 star classic leads. If he stayed any longer he'd have run out of climbs.‬ ‪Everyone had their highlights. I'm sure there'll be a couple of articles penned. We should have a great photo album up soon, to make those of you who couldn't make it jealous.‬ ‪For any one climbing at Arapiles soon , remember though that Brolga is in quarantine after Nigel's barefoot ascent, and don't get spooked by the "wildlife" hahaha in Thunder Crack.‬ ‪Bring on the next Arapiles trip‬