‪BRC 2014 Trips and Info‪‬

Welcome to another year of climbing. ‬ ‪2014 promises to be another mega year of trips for the club. We have trips to Brooyar, Urbenville, Girraween, Frog Buttress, lots of crags in the Glasshouse Mts, Mt Maroon, Tinbeerwah and Red Cliffs/Goanna Pt. As well as this plethora of climbing we are again doing 2 big trips this year. Easter (10 days) will be spent at Nowra and Pt Perpendicular, camping at Nowra. After the successful and fun filled trip to Arapiles last year, we are again heading down there in late September for 2 weeks at the best climbing crag you may ever visit. There is also an added temptation of extending the Arapiles trip for an extra week (or so) to Moonarie in remote South Australia. This of course suggests we need plenty of trad practice at Frog Buttress before September.‬ ‪The club has moved from strength to strength over the last 3 years with over 100 members each year. Apart from the organised trips, members have climbed regularly all over S-E QLD and beyond, included a number of members who visited the Blue Mts after our club trip there in Easter 2013, a dedicated couple who did a serious climbing trip ending in the Grampians, a trio who ventured over to the USA, a couple of dedicated lads who headed off to NZ for some rock excursions over Christmas and our German, now married love birds, who after getting hitched back home, are climbing their way through the USA before heading back to Australia.‬ ‪We also have a member putting together a film of climbing in S-E QLD. Awesome stuff Lewis.‬ ‪Climbing in S-E QLD is undergoing an exponential growth, so this is also a reminder that newcomers to this activity look to the more experienced for guidance. Please be aware of your conduct at all crags and remember that others do take note and observe the standards of perceived, more experienced climbers, especially when we are identifiable as a club. ‬ ‪Unfortunately there have been a number of accidents at Kangaroo Point, not club members, but mostly people new to the vertical world. The ACAQ (and your committee) has asked that when an obviously dangerous practice is observed, please step up and diplomatically suggest other, safer options.‬ ‪Hope to see you all on the rock in 2014‬ ‪Climb well and Climb safe‬ ‪Graham‬