‪Christmas Party RSVP

Hi All‬ ‪The Christmas Party is fast approaching. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.‬ ‪Date: Sat 22nd November ‬ ‪Place: Derek Smithson's (check your email for address or email us)‬ ‪ ‬ ‪Time: 6:30 pm till whenever‬ ‪ Partners and children are most welcome ‬ ‪ Please BYO meat/fish/vegetarian fare & alcohol‬ ‪ BRC will provide breads, nibbles & soft drinks.‬ ‪ Bring a chair to sit on, money for tee-shirts and 2009 Subscriptions.‬ ‪Please RSVP using the form by Thu 20 Nov. ‬ ‪Thanks to Derek for the use of his house/deck.‬ ‪As usual we'll conduct a short (I promise) AGM during the party. ‬ • ‪All positions for the 2009 committee will be up for election. ‬
‪Please consider a position, as it is not an onerous task and we need an injection of talent in the committee or the club will cease! ‬ • ‪2008 BRC Awards - please nominate fellow members using the form below, (particularly with humorous nominations).‬ • ‪We might briefly discuss a couple of issues such as whether Tuesday night is the best night for KP climbing, the ACAQ etc.‬ • ‪If you want to bring up any suggestions for the club or items for discussion, can you please email these in so we can plan a rapid agenda.‬ ‪A little further house keeping:‬ ‪Tuesday night confusion - ‬
‪Recently the BRC has been spread along the cliffs on KP club nights. ‬
‪Members need to be reminded to use the cones and flags that they have to enable use to locate close to each other. ‬
‪See Sean if you require a new flag.‬ ‪Minutes of the latest committee meeting are available.‬ ‪Our policy for under 18s is now available.‬ ‪We're still looking for trip reports and photos.‬ ‪Cheers‬

‪Tinbeerwah Trip Cancelled

As you may have concluded the trip to Tinbeerwah is a no go due to the wet conditions. If it blows through tonight Frog could be a go as it may stay cooler. Those who contacted the club for a trip were Steve , Simon , Marty , English Mark , Darren and Heinz, if any of you guys wish to try to get a climb in.‬

‪Committee Meeting Nov 6

The poor guys left on the committee met tonight to close out the year and organise the Christmas Party. You can find minutes here.‬

‪Poll Result - the scrutineers are reviewing results.....

A clear result ?‬ ‪Results‬ ‪Where do you want to go for the Nov 9 Trip?‬ ‪Urbanville, NSW‬ ‪0‬ ‪0%‬ ‪Wayne's World, Glasshouse Mnts‬ ‪3‬ ‪10%‬ ‪Mt Ngungun/Glasshouse Mountains‬ ‪1‬ ‪3%‬ ‪Tinbeerwah, Sunshine Coast‬ ‪15‬ ‪52%‬ ‪I don't care, I can't go anyway!‬ ‪6‬ ‪21%‬ ‪Get the message guys, cancel it!‬ ‪4‬ ‪14%‬ However a recount has invalidated 10 votes for Tinbeerwah with "hanging chads". (all suspiciously posted with the same time and IP address).‬ ‪So the final result is still Tinbeerwah but only by a short margin.‬