June 2024 Pages pinnacle

Date: 15th June 2024
Location: Pages pinnacle 

Pages pinnacle offers some of the best hikes in southeast Queensland and is also the premier climbing crags in the area. On 15th June, our BRC members embarked on an exciting adventure to these beautiful crags, combing both hiking and climbing in to unforgettable trip!

The Crag

Pages pinnacle is renowned for its excellent sport climbing, with high quality rock and safe bolting. The Gold coast wall, shaded in the afternoon, is perfect for summer climbing and offers classic routes across a wide range of grades. Our team, consisting of Terry, Colin, two Liams and Peggy, tacked the Goldcoast Wall with enthusiasm. We successfully climbed “I’m Lichen it” (14), “Strip Clubs” (22), “Beach Bum” (22), “Yule Corner” (21) and “I’m Lichen it More” (14). Meanwhile team two, Amanda, Almar and Ale conquered the Entry Wall, excelling on their climbs.

Thrill of the Day

It was the first visit to Pages Pinnacle for Terry and both Liams. Collin achieved a milestone with his first outdoor lead on “TOS” (18). Liam impressively flashed “Strip Clubs” (22), “Beach Bum” (22) and onsighted “Yule Corner” (21) and “I’m Lichen it” (14) with remarkable east. Amanda’s team also performed outstanding leads on the Entry Wall. 

Trip wrap up

We were blessed with good weather and an enthusiastic crew! The camaraderie made the long hike enjoyable, and our team’s focus on safety and reliability ensures a successful climbing day. Everyone is happy to share climbing gear and help each other achieve the of the best of our climbing. We managed to complete a wide range of climbs and left at the planned time, making for a perfect adventure.