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About the Club

The Brisbane Rockclimbing Club was originally founded in 1965, but was re-established in its present form in 1987 as a means of promoting communication and social interactions between climbers.

Our club is primarily a social club and forum through which you can meet other experienced rock climbers. The Club does not own any gear, or supply insurance. All climbing is done as private individuals.

The subscription fee is $30 a year and covers administrative costs and associate membership with ACAQ, the peak body representing climbers in Queensland. 

Many subscribers of our club meet at Kangaroo Point cliff every Tuesday evening for sport and top rope climbing (weather permitting). They set up their own ropes near each other so that ropes can be shared. 

There are also usually monthly trips away to local crags, and a full trip calendar is organised for the year - often including at least one interstate / overseas trip.

Subscribers must have their own harness, climbing shoes, belay device and personal safety attachment as a minimum. It is expected that each subscriber will have their own rope after a reasonable time with the Club. 

To join the Club we require that you be proficient in basic climbing skills, as we do not give formal instruction to novices/beginners on how to climb. New subscribers should be competent rock climbers, or have been instructed in rock climbing by competent persons.  

As a minimum, you must be able to: 

    Tie in to harness 
    Complete pre-climbing check 
    Belay using a top rope

For club trips to any location except Kangaroo Point, we also require that you have the skills to second and clean the draws from the anchors of a climb.  This is important and you need to know this before joining any club trips.

If you are not an experienced climber, but would like to learn, there are a number of professional climbing courses available. We recommend:

Climbing Guides Australia (https://climbingguidesaustralia.com.au)  andPinnacle Sports (www.pinnaclesports.com.au)