Kids climbing with BRC

We've had a number of queries around whether children can join the BRC and/or whether the children of subscribers can climb with the Club.

As a result the Club provides these guidelines:

  • BRC subscribers must be 18 years old (as per the constitution).
  • Subscribers may bring children to any Club event, however the subscriber must ensure the safety and supervision of the children at all times, including at and around the base of the crag.
  • Climbing areas are generally dangerous with multiple risks including rockfall. Subscribers must constantly reassess these risks for themselves and children in their care.
  • Children are discouraged from belaying.
  • The BRC exists for its subscribers. Parents are asked to always consider other subscribers when their children are climbing and using other member's gear. For example, it is not uncommon for climbers to be waiting for a free rope on Tuesdays at Kangaroo Point and subscribers of the Club are entitled to priority use of ropes.
  • Subscribers are reminded that the Club carries no insurance, and is not a training organisation. Climbing is undertaken at your own and your child's risk.