Redcliffs 2017

Redcliffs was the host of a BRC day trip on Sunday, 16 July 2017. Redcliffs is a “sandstone cliff hidden in the bush at the foothills of Toowoomba.” (

BRC climbers were lucky enough to be accompanied on the trip by local legend Phil Box, who is responsible for much of the development of climbing in this area.

Although the grading was a bit stiff, those who attended enjoyed a wide range of mixed, trad and sport grades. A few BRC members even had the privilege of experiencing a trad route that is yet to be named. It has been declared as one of the favourites of the trip and has been described as having “a beautiful start and a really dirty and ugly finish, but .. totally worth it.”

A few Club members were so keen that they went out to Goanna Point the day before on the Saturday, and camped at Murphys Creek overnight, before being joined by the rest of the Club members at Redcliffs on the Sunday. Although Goanna Point is a relatively well known and long established trad crag, there is little to no information written about it and no guide. Luckily Phil Box was happy to lend his expertise and those who had made it out had a fantastic day and have strongly recommended that next year’s trip includes Goanna Point and is extended to a weekend trip!