Mt Cooroora 2017

On Sunday, 13 August 2017, the BRC visited Mt Cooroora, Pomona. One of BRC’s own Club members has been devoting his time and energy to bolting climbs at this crag, and it was a treat for BRC to be able to enjoy his climbs with guidance from the route setter himself.

With the BRC group the only climbers at Mt Cooroora on the day, it was nice for the Club to have free reign over the crag, which offers a wide range of single and multi-pitch climbs.

The day trip had a good turn out and it was enjoyable for climbers on neighbouring multi-pitches to chat to each other. Although all of the multi-pitches were busy, there were enough routes for everyone. A few holds were broken off during the course of the day, and it was observed that this crag needs more traffic – and a return visit has been proposed for BRC later in the year.

If you have been to Mt Cooroora or you are interested in going, we would love to hear from you!